The New Driving Test

The new driving test starts on the 4th October 2010

At the start of your driving test you will be asked to read a car number plate, then you will be asked two questions from the Show Me Tel Me. Your driving test will still take around 45 minutes you will be asked to drive ahead unless road signs or road marking tell you different. The examiner will tell you when they want you to turn left or right, you will need to show the examiner your competence to drive a car and your understanding of the Highway Code.

You will be asked to do one reverse:-

Also you will be asked to do an angled move off (from behind a car). One in three driving test are asked to do a control stop (emergency stop) Within your driving test you will be ask to do around 10 minutes INDEPENDENT DRIVING there is three way you will be asked to do your independent drive:-

  1. By following road signs
  2. By been given up to 3 direction at a time (you will be shown a diagram on a yellow card)
  3. Or a combination of both

note : You can ask to confirm which way you are going, if you do go the wrong way you won't fail your driving testyour test is all about your competence to drive

REMEMBER:- Once you have passed your driving test you will be on PROBATION for 2 YEARS which means if you pickup 6 points on your licence with in that time you will have your licence revoked which means you will have to do your driving test all over again.