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Name: Daniel Rounthwaite

Rating 5.0/5.0
Before meeting John or having any Lessons with him I drove with two instructors, who I felt did not get me ready enough for my test.

A friend then put me on to John who could not recommend any higher then they did, and I see why. John got me to a place where I felt I was ready enough to take the test and pass, which is what you need having failed it already.

So thanks John, all the best for you and future students.

Name: Josh Dykstra

Rating 5.0/5.0
Brilliant, John got me to pass first time, with high quality lessons in a calm and relaxed environment!
Name: Dheeraj

Rating 5.0/5.0
Best part about John is that he doesn't teach you his way of driving , he simply helps improving your own style to get to a level where you can pass easily.

I did take lessons from established big driving lessons for my previous unsuccessful attempts I sensed an attempt to make the process longer and earn more money but with John it's simply , learn drive and pass.

I couldn't have passed without john's help, will remain indebted for ever.
Name: Rajesh Banerjee

Rating 5.0/5.0
I have been learning for 3 months with You and have passed my test today. John is an excellent instructor with undeniable professionalism. From the minute I started my lessons to now he has been clear, honest, supportive and engaging. The process of learning is extremely daunting and john has done an amazing job of allowing me to expand my skills, knowledge and confidence behind the weel. I feel like I have been taught properly and truthfully.
Name: Kit Hartley

Rating 5.0/5.0
Brilliant Teacher. Passed with one minor and had great fun learning. Thanks John.

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