DSA O.R.D.I.T Registered

Become a driving instructor

For many instructors, the most enjoyable part of their work is sharing the apprehension, excitement and overall sense of achievement felt by their customers as they go on to pass their practical driving test

Working as a driving instructor

Satisfaction of been your own boss.... Working when you want too.... Earn around 」30.000.... Every day is different.... Meet new people.... Opportunity to teach a valuable life skill....

The driving instructor training programme with John痴 School of Motoring

Uniquely structured yet flexible modular programme. The advantage is that this allows you to progress at a pace suitable to your individual learning style. Adult learning based on modern techniques, each module is made up of a number of different assignment-led events. These will be 前n-Road (In Car Based)

The presentation and delivery is fully interactive to encourage your participation, expand your knowledge and understanding and, in particular, develop expert communication skills. While you will be responsible for your own learning and any private practice, you will be supported and guided though the assignments and events. All the support and activity materials you need will be provided in the form of various 践and Outs.

Becoming a Driving Instructor is more than just starting a new job this programme is about more that qualifying? It specifically draws on your own previous driving and other relevant experiences to build the instructional and inter-personal skills necessary to teach learners safe driving as an attitude for life.

The ADI examination

To become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) you are required to pass an ADI examination which is separated into three parts

  1. Part 1 - Theory Test
  2. Part 2 - Practical driving test (3 attempts only)
  3. Part 3 - Practical instructional test (3 attempts only)

What will this all cost

Option 1 - You can make a one off payment (which will includes One attempt at each of the ADI qualifying examination)

Option 2 - Pay as you go by the hour